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Effectively converting sale inquiries to leads for the Chinese speaking market.

Our Solutions

Being mindfully culturally sensitive to the target demographic, we created an Official Account for Intracorp in order to utilize the Mini Program on WeChat. By leveraging this trusted platform, we successfully facilitated a streamlined process for registration that was familiar and user-friendly to the Chinese speaking market. This proved to be an effective method of converting the sale inquiries into Chinese sales leads.

Through our extensive knowledge and experience with Chinese media ad networks, combined with our Google Ads and social media strategy for Chinese languages, the number of new visitors to the project website increased significantly.

Our professional team of real estate writers also crafted a digital Chinese A-Kit, which effectively communicated the project to the target audience.


Over 4.6M impressions were generated over a campaign period of 4 months across 8 handpicked media channels to reach the Chinese speaking demographic, resulting in over 1180 Chinese sales leads.




Chinese sales leads



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